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Our range of sausages are made with high quality ingredients with a range of seasonings.

The Range:

Butchers Pork Sausages             

These are the top seller in our shops. A very traditionally flavoured pork sausage, with a mild blend of herbs and spices. Available in both sizes – large and chipolata.

Devon Chunky Pork Sausages    

As it ‘says on the tin’ this is a course cut sausage that we have been selling for over 25 years. A bit more spice here, it has a very loyal following with our regular customers.

Devon ‘Lite’                               

The same flavour and concept as the ‘chunky’ sausage above, but made with extra lean pork.

Gluten Free Pork                      

A simply seasoned sausage and gluten free to suit those who need to watch what they eat!

Garlic and Herb                        

Fresh and appealing, this is a popular all-rounder where we balance the herbs with garlic puree for that ‘Garlic flavour burst’.                    

Cumberland Pork                      

Very traditional, with pepper and sage notes, and top of the speciality list in terms of sales.

Cracked Black Pepper Pork      

Concentrating on the pepper flavour, rather than the heat.  A modern twist on a simple concept.

Pork and Sweet Chilli                

A very ‘in’ flavour profile, built with Thai dipping sauce and sweet red peppers.    

Pork and Honey                        

Becoming very popular, especially in the West Country, home to many honey makers

Hot Spanish-style Pork              

Based on the Spanish Chorizo, a great spicy blend of paprika, garlic and chilli, full of colour. Not for the faint-hearted.

Pork and Leek                          

Very traditional, with a good mix of herbs and spices, and complemented with shredded leek pieces.  Goes very well as a flavoured breakfast sausage. 

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